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About Us

ZICA-TRADE d.o.o., SMEDEREVO – VUCAK produce universal knitting made of  galvanized and plastificated wire in different colors, all sizes, due to special customer requirements.

Galvanized knitting is made of same kind of wire.
     Wire thickness f 1,2mm - f 3,4mm
     Cube size 20x20mm - 80x80mm 
     Width of knitting (height) 0,5m - 7m

We are able to make non standard dimension knitting on customer requirement.


We are producing plastificated knitting in different colors and sizes. Most of it is in green color, other colors should be ordered in advance. We are plastificating only galvanized wire. Thickness of the plastificated layer is 1mm.

     Wire thickness f 1,8mm - f 2,8mm
     Cube size 20x20mm - 80x80mm 
     Width of knitting (height) 0,5m - 7m

Besides the manufacture of galvanized and plastificated knittin, we produce plastificated wire, as well as we sell other gods we are not producing.


We are the only producer of universal zinc and plastic (PVC) coated mesh wire up to 7 meters of height in Smederevo, suitable for fencing football and tennis courts, as well as for other purposes.

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